One Stop Service

From tooling to products, Fortune Industrial designs and builds the tool and die in-house to manufacture the specific metal part for our customers. Rather than outsourcing, which ensures the quality, unit price, and efficient production.

Accept Small Quantity Order

For metal parts, if you need to place a small quantity order, we may be much flexible than a huge manufacturer which only interest in mass production quantity service or a little sweatshop which may unable to comply with your product regulation or meet the deadline.

Quality Products with Competitive Price

We are free of unnecessary operation cost by a relatively simple administration structure. The major leaders of our factory are professional engineers and they instruct the factory directly. That makes the selling price of our products is highly competitive.

Up-to-date knowledge

Our colleagues often serve as volunteers in different Universities, Tertiary Education Organizations, and Professional Institutions. We often organize technical visits and professional seminars with the above organizations to update the knowledge, and exchange our experience in manufacturing field.